As part of our IYKYK: Holiday Tradition series, we wanted to take a moment and dedicate some space to not knowing. IYDKYDK, if you will.

We spend this time of year going around saying “Happy Holidays” with the good intention of being inclusive of everyone’s traditions, but (let’s be real) the saying pretty much means one thing at this point. With so many beautiful traditions taking place this time of year — too many to celebrate them all ourselves — we want to take some time to direct our focus outside our personal celebrations.

If you, like us, desire to wish your friends, neighbors, and coworkers a happy holiday-that-you-actually-celebrate, we’re here to help. Below, we’ve cobbled together a guide to some (not all) of the holidays going on this time of year, and worked with the Our Place team and our community to give you a little insight into the appropriate greetings.












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