Save £45
Home Cook Duo
£265 £220
Our two bestsellers — thoughtfully designed to replace an entire 16 piece cookware set.
Save £30
Knife Trio
£155 £125
The three most hardworking, versatile knives that every kitchen needs.
Save £45
Fully Prepped Bundle
£245 £200
The knives and board every kitchen needs to make prepping a dish joyful.
Save £5
Set the Table
£120 £115
The perfect set for everything from daytime snacks to three-course dinners.
Save £10
Basics Bundle
£90 £80
The building blocks of your dinnerware collection.
Save £5
Dinnerware Duo
£85 £80
The perfect dinnerware for mains, sides, desserts, and beyond.
Save £15
Tabletop Set
£130 £115
Set of 4 hand-blown and stackable Drinking Glasses, 4 hand-painted porcelain Main Plates and 4 stackable Side Bowls. Everything you need for the coziest night in.
"A win for cabinet space and kitchen cuteness"
"Doing the job of eight traditional cookware pieces"
"Kitchen magician"
"Practical pieces made with thoughtful design treatments"