How to Use the Titanium Always Pan® Pro

How to Use the Titanium Always Pan® Pro

Author: Hamlet Fort  |  April 9, 2024  |  Time to read: 4 min

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A Debut Titanium Cookware Technology

Years ago, we asked ourselves why we couldn’t have a pan that did it all. Not just do it all like a single pan that replaces 10 pieces of cookware (our love for the original, industry-changing Always Pan® is ongoing). We wanted a pan that could do it all, meaning, take everything that’s great about professional-grade stainless steel and everything that’s easy about nonstick coatings and bring it all together. We wanted a nonstick pan that could last, well, a really long time.

That kind of product didn’t exist just a year ago. Now it does.

First and foremost, we built the titanium Always Pan® Pro to make cooking simpler and more accessible. But there’s an even more impactful outcome at play, too. By building a pan that can last a lifetime, we can avoid landfills and contribute towards a more sustainable future in the cookware industry. That sounds pretty great to us.

This guide dives deeper into the all-new innovation that’s going to set the cookware industry on a new path (the second time an Always Pan’s done that in the last half-decade), one that is more accessible, more sustainable, and yes — more fun.

Getting Started

The Always Pan® Pro features a new, patent-pending nonstick cooking experience — we’re calling it NoCo™ — that’s (for the first time ever) constructed without a coating. It is made with high-shine stainless steel on the outside, ultra-hardened titanium on the inside, and super-conductive aluminum in between. It combines the durability of stainless steel, the searing power of cast iron, with the ease of a nonstick. There’s truly is no material like it.

To discover this revolutionary technology, we drew inspiration from one of (if you’ll excuse the pun) nature’s own recipes. We engineered a microtexture that, when applied over the pattern pressed into the titanium interior, mirrors the naturally-occuring hydrophobic effect of lotus leaves. This lotus-effect technology maximizes your sear while the pockets between the dots increase airflow, creating the nonstick release (and preserve oil and fat for better browning). More on the release a little later, but we’re going in order here.

All you need to get started cooking your favorite meal is at least one teaspoon of high smoke point oil to activate the nonstick effect. Just rub it on the interior, preheat the pan for 90 seconds, and then you’re ready to get going. That’s it!

See the Always Pan® Pro In Action

Clean It Like You Mean It

After each use, just toss (not literally!) the Always Pan® Pro in the dishwasher – yes, it's safe to do so! – or hand wash it with a bristle brush. Use a soft sponge on the exterior of the pan, and be sure to wipe up spills before they have a chance to burn.

To keep the titanium pan in tip-top shape, scrub between the dots when cleaning to eliminate food build-up. Your dishwasher, if you have one, can also handle the job.

Sometimes, like all things in life, a reset is necessary. To deep clean the Always Pan® Pro:

  • Make a paste of baking soda and vinegar and scrub the interior.
  • You can also simply deglaze with boiling water and a tablespoon of baking soda on the stovetop.
  • Pro tip: The baking soda and vinegar paste can also be used to clean the exterior to wipe away any oil stains that may come with cooking.

After this process, you may need to season the pan with a teaspoon of oil a few more times to get the nonstick going again. Don’t worry if the nonstick isn’t as amazing as you remember — it will come back. It just needs a little love and time to warm up, so to speak.

Patience is Key

Okay, so, you’re cooking a beautiful steak in the Always Pan® Pro. It looks nice! You give it a little push with a metal spatula. Hm. It doesn’t slide smoothly on the surface. Is it stuck? What gives? Clearly not the pork chop.

Don’t worry! With the NoCo™ nonstick surface, your food will naturally release itself when sufficiently cooked. That’s all the microstructure, titanium-pressed dots and the pockets between them at work. All you need is a little oil and patience to get the full experience of the new and unique nonstick effect.

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Made for Life

Like any technology that’s never been seen before, NoCo™ nonstick might take a little getting used to. But if properly cared for, the titanium Always Pan® Pro can last you forever. That’s exactly one (1) forever’s worth of amazing meals and memories in the kitchen and at the table.

Happy cooking!

Hamlet Fort

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